You can book me for a convention as a cosplay guest, jury member or panelist! If you are interested so please contact me at or write me a message at the bottom of this page!



My current workshops/ panels:


  • Creating armours with Worbla’s Finest Art
  • Different materials to create an armour




Upcoming events:



November 2017: Vienna ComicCon (Vienna, Austria) Workshop



Past events:


October 2017: MondoCon (Budapest, Hungary) Cosplay Guest, Panelist and Jury Member

July 2017: Nippon Nation (Vienna, Austria): Workshop

Mai 2017: NyanCon (Linz, Austria): Workshop

April 2017: Animuc (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany): Panelist Helper

April 2017: HanamiCon (Graz, Austria): Workshop and Jury Member


November 2016: Vienna Comic Con (Vienna, Austria): Workshop

October 2016: Vienna COMIX (Vienna, Austria): Cosplay Guest

October 2016: AkiCon (Graz, Austria): Workshop

August 2016: Big Bang Convention (Wels, Austria): Cosplay Booth

July 2016: Nippon Nation (Vienna, Austria): Workshop


August 2015: Big Bang Convention (Wels, Austria): Cosplay Booth

Mai 2015: NyanCon (Linz, Austria): Workshop


Mai 2014: NyanCon (Linz, Austria): Workshop and Jury Member

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Pic by Chui Photography & Art

Next Conventions:



November: Vienna ComicCon (Vienna, Austria)